Online Tutoring

Academic Potential Educational Services offers computer-based math tutoring and reading tutoring programs.  Students work in their own environment and at their own pace with dedicated and personal daily monitoring by an experienced teacher.  Individualized online tutoring programs are set up based on baseline test results in relation to the student’s grade level. Periodic reports are sent to parents and/or teachers to highlight progress.

Fast ForWord®, Reading Assistant®, and SuccessMaker® Reading/Math are available through Academic Potential Educational Services with learning that takes place on a computer, via the Internet.

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How Online Tutoring Works

  • Students begin with a placement test which automatically assigns them to an Individualized Training Program
  • This Individualized Training Program is based on their achievement from the placement test in relation to their grade
  • The online tutoring adjusts students during training either by accelerating or reviewing material as needed
  • The program assigns a number of modules to work on
  • Each module consists of a tutorial, then practice, followed by training
  • The students move on to a new module when mastery is demonstrated
  • The teacher can assign the student to take tests at any time throughout their training
  • Students work at their own pace  (i.e., number of sessions per week, time on task during each session etc.)
  • Students can participate in online tutoring from any computer on any day of the week, at any time, or with unlimited sessions and time on task per week
  • Progress is personally monitored by an Academic Potential teacher

Who Online Tutoring Works For

  • All students from Kindergarten to grade 12 and beyond, including adults
  • Individuals diagnosed with a learning disability (i.e. Dyslexia, Auditory Processing)
  • Students who are having difficulties in reading accuracy, fluency and/or comprehension
  • Assisting students with math foundational skills
  • Math review after a prolonged break from math
  • Adult non-readers
  • English language learners
  • Enrichment and gifted students
  • Home-schooled students
  • Special needs children
  • Students unable to attend school for medical or other reasons

Online Tutoring Technical Requirements

  • Online Tutoring Programs are accessed anywhere on the network using a web browser
  • Software supports popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox,  Safari)
  • The software works on Windows XP, Vista (or later) and Macintosh OS 10.4 (or later)
  •  High speed internet recommended