I am very passionate about the programs I offer, and feel confident you will like them. I monitor the reports and feedback very closely, and modify, upgrade or change programs if necessary.

Over the past few years, parents have commented to me about the benefits of choosing online home tutoring. Besides being less distracting than in a school setting, students don’t feel singled out by being pulled from class. Parents are pleased with how the programs focus on what is needed to overcome their child’s challenges. The program use is flexible and unlimited and totally individualized.
From the school’s perspective, I add additional support to a class/school etc. which helps ease the workload of teachers , because I am a qualified teacher. There is no need for on-site tech support and teacher training. I can support an unlimited number of users at any given time. This alleviates scheduling difficulties based on number of licenses purchased.
Posted by Audrey Deck at 1:22 PM