Success Stories

We know that we made the right choice with Academic Potential!  The program taps into multiple ways to learn…making it fun and effective.  Being able to access everything we need online (whether at home or away) is simple, convenient and cost saving.  And the personal support and guidance from Audrey is remarkable!

– Rachelle & Jay (parents)

Math Academy is a helpful way to enjoy math.

– Maria (age 12)

Audrey’s experience as a teacher and background specifically with students that require the extra help of the Academy of Reading and Math programs has been a tremendous support to our daughter, as well as us as parents.

We were able to enrol our daughter in both the reading and the math which has helped her continue to move forward during her summer break instead of falling behind.

We are thrilled with the program and how it has given our daughter the confidence and ability to pick up a book and enjoy reading.

Our daughter is able to work on her programs for approximately 15 minutes a night at home, instead of being pulled from classes at school.  Our daughter loves working with the programs.

–  Jean and Tony (parents)

I like the Academy of Reading because it is fun and easy to work on.

– Taylor (age eight)

Thank you for a program that takes the rush out of tutoring.  SuccessMaker has built our son’s confidence in reading, and success at school all from the comfort and convenience or our home.
We have used external tutoring before trying SuccessMaker; this program is equally as good but the benefit is getting the extra help in the relaxed atmosphere of our own home.
Thanks to Audrey’s monitoring and SuccessMaker, our son continues to gain confidence in his reading ability.

– Heather & Ted (parents)

I have been thrilled with Academic Potential’s online tutoring program. My son was struggling with grade 9 math and I was having a difficult time helping him understand the concepts. My husband had seen an ad for Academic Potential and recommended I call.
Audrey took the time to discuss and understand my son’s academic challenges and requirements. She had him set up online right away. My son was able to work from the comfort of our home at times that worked with our busy family life.  I highly recommend Audrey at Academic Potential. She truly cares about the success of your child.

– Robin & April (parents)

Our daughter Olivia began using the Academy of Reading soft ware two months ago and has greatly improved her reading skills since then. The program definitely focuses on the skills she needs to improve upon. Through the program, Olivia is learning to properly recognize letter combinations and sounds. Olivia’s overall reading ability is improving as a result…Most important to us, Olivia wants to read.
(My wife) and I both feel very fortunate for having Audrey’s professional wisdom and experience to learn from. The program itself is great, but having Audrey to help as well, makes the process so much better.

– Fred and Kelly (parents)

I would highly recommend Academic Potential to anyone who is looking for supportive and fun programs. I enrolled my son Wade into the Academy of Reading program in January 2011. Wade was in grade 4 and reading at a grade 2 level. He continued the program until the beginning of July and completed an evaluation where he moved up 5 levels. He was very excited to be reading much stronger.

Wade began grade 5, where in the first week he completed an assessment test and is meeting Grade 5 reading level. As you can imagine, I was very pleased to hear this news. Wade is a much happier and confident young man, who now likes to read. I love this program because it places individuals exactly where they require assistance.

With Audrey’s very supportive and accommodating assistance, Wade is continuing with the program. Again to all parents or guardians out there looking for assistance for their children, look no further you will be very pleased with the programs offered by Academic Potential. Thank you very much Audrey for all of your great expertise and support.

– Jackie & Bruce (parents)

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